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Erin Edgar

Erin Baker Edgar, PLLC

I have deep empathy for those who are disabled or have family members in similar situations. I was a special needs child growing up.  I was educated in the public schools for most of my school career, and my parents had to make sure that an individualized education plan was created for me and updated every year. My parents worked very hard to ensure that I had everything needed to get a free public education. This education, coupled with participation in school activities, helped to give me the confidence I needed to pursue university goals and even to study abroad.  Upon becoming an attorney, I discovered a deep empathy for children and a wish to protect children and serve their interests to ensure, as far as I am able, that they are allowed to thrive and grow.


I received such things from my parents, but there are children who do not have parents as keystones in their lives, whether due to divorce or death.  It becomes especially important for parents to develop plans to ensure that their children are protected if parents should divorce or the parents are no longer able to act on their children’s behalf. I also help parents craft legacy plans for families with children in mind.  These plans not only create a will to ensure that children will inherit monetary wealth from their parents but also include measures to protect the children until a will is probated and also material that teaches their children the parents’ values and spiritual wealth.


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